We are energy


When important people know they have an energy problem, but they don’t know how to solve it, they send up the emma searchlight. She responds by angling her magnifying glass towards the sun, directing it with laser-like focus on obstacles that dare stand in the way of the new energy future. Her customers depend on it.


It ain’t your fault. Sometimes your energy data just plain gets away from you. emma doesn’t do rodeo but she does have some pretty neat skills when it comes to wrangling your data and whipping it into shape. She can make those lil’ doggies do just about anything you want!

A spoonful

emma is like your “great” aunt – in both senses. She knows a surprising amount about a surprising number of things. She seems to know everybody and have read everything and her magic knapsack has an endless supply of custom-crafted tools. Because she cares, she knows how and when to give you medicine – all with a spoonful of sugar.

Buy! Sell!

Some say it’s impolite to talk about your client’s exposed fat tails, but emma’s clients are like Emperors to her. She tells them when they’re naked so they can choose to be in the buff or not. She understands real-world risks and gets the difference between risk-taking and risk management.


Herding cats? Meh. Everyone who’s ever ridden a magic carpet knows they have a mind of their own. When you have a fleet of them and a magical mission to conquer you need very special project management skills indeed. emma has her own project management methodology – Yibbida!


Justin Bold

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Paul Marshall

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Jackie Barber

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